In the heart of sweetness

FLOWERS: large, very rich in pollen, strong stems with max. 5 flowers per stem. Pollination is quick and easy


HARVEST: mid-season, long lasting and constant, few days after Clery

FRUIT: high quality, regular conical shape, big and homogeneous size (high % class 1 grade). Bright red colour, very attractive and uniform, excellent firmness and very good taste. Easy and fast picking

PRODUCTION SYSTEMS: high production with misted tips in tunnels. Very good results in 60 day cropping systems.

Cropping system
Plant type
Glasshouse production
Tray plant, minitray, waiting bed
Tunnels soil
Misted tips
Tunnels table tops
Tray plants, minitray, waiting bed, frigo A+
60 day crop
Tray plants, minitray, waiting bed, frigo A+

Joly* is a main season variety that combines a very nice flavour with high resistance to root diseases

Plant: plant with high chill requirement. High chilling June bearer, rustic, good vigour, high productivity. Well adapted to tired soils, requires only small amounts of fertilizer. Robust and efficient root system and quite resistant to root and foliar diseases.  Robust and efficient root system, the plant adapts well to tired soils, generally needs only a small amount of fertilizers (nitrogen requirement is lower than for standard varieties and should be reduced in the fertigation!). Joly has a good resistance against frost!

Pest and diseases: Rustic plant, quite resistant to leaf and root diseases.

Flowers: large, very rich in pollen; pollination is quick and easy. The flowers are slightly below foliage, supported on strong stems, each having a maximum of five flowers per stem.

Fruit: Joly develops an excellent flavour when picked at full maturity. The firmness of the fruit and the fact that the fruit is not darkening allows this picking at full maturity. Joly has an excellent storage ability and shelf life.

Harvest and yield: Mid-season with a very high productivity, the picking season is long and consistent.

Joly is suited for glasshouse, tunnels and 60 day crops

As a new main season variety, Joly is growing very fast in importance. Joly is also doing excellent as a 60 day crop. For this system the nurseries prepare waiting bed plants starting from a misted tip.

Joly is doing excellent in tunnels in the soil. In this year’s trials Joly showed a very good yield and an excellent fruit grade (summer planting with misted tips).

Joly is also well suited for glasshouse production: for summer planting or as a spring crop.

Joly can be used in older beds as well, since it is, like a typical CIV variety, very resistant against root diseases.

60 days crop: Joly is very well suited for 60 days crops because of its good fruit grade, nice flavour and firmness. The good fruit grade also saves a lot on picking costs! Fruits are big and Joly has very little misshapen fruit. The fruit quality is highly appreciated by the customers.
Usually heavy waiting bed plants are used for a 60 days crop.

Planting should not be done too late: end April until end May is preferable. Once June, the risk is considerable that the fruit is coming too late and that the flower induction for the second year is limited.
Tunnel production: Joly performs excellent in tunnels in the soil and seen its resistance against root diseases, it is very well suited for a second year crop.

* Patented by CIV (Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti)