Scented and delicious

PLANT: plant with high chilling requirement. The plant has medium-high vigour, and an average foliage density. Rustic plant, quite resistant to leaf and root diseases. Very high productivity.

FLOWERS: within the foliage, medium size, rich in pollen and very easy pollination.

BLOSSOMING TIME: early and continuously throughout the season.

HARVEST: early, harvest season begins at about the same time as Clery but lasts much longer and has usually a second flowering.

FRUIT: short heart-shaped, with medium sized calyx, large berries. Fruit colour uniformly bright red; red flesh, good texture and firmness. The flavour is excellent, very fragrant with hints of wild strawberry. One of the best varieties for those who love aromatic strawberries. Its exceptional eating characteristics make this fruit ideal for pick-your-own, direct sales and fine pastries.

* Patented by CIV (Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti)